Friday, May 8, 2015

Fisherman Builds his own boat to catch Marlin

Captain Jeff and The 46 Wesmac
Captain Jeff Maggio is well known in South Florida as one of the top inshore Snook and Tarpon guides. He comes from a family of a Custom Sportfishing builders, so when decided he wanted to expand his fishing territory it only made sense they he custom build his own Sportfishing vessel unlike anything else is the South Florida waters that are known to have hundreds of Marinas slap full of Hatterasses, Vikings, and Bertrams.  Jeff knew what kind of fishing he wanted to do, and the typer of boat it would take to do it. So he went to Maine and ordered a 46 Wesmac Hull. Yes a Down Easter type of fishing boat with the huge entry and extended cockpit oftem used by Lobster guy in the rough waters of the North Eastern United States.

Check out this mashup video edit that covers the few years of building the boat, launching it, outfitting it with fishing gear and ultimately getting out there and catching a Marline.

Video via The Mullet Run YouTube Channel

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  1. You should have gotten more comments. A great undertaking and a fabulous looking boat. Good job!