Monday, May 11, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Fisherman Builds his own boat to catch Marlin

Captain Jeff and The 46 Wesmac
Captain Jeff Maggio is well known in South Florida as one of the top inshore Snook and Tarpon guides. He comes from a family of a Custom Sportfishing builders, so when decided he wanted to expand his fishing territory it only made sense they he custom build his own Sportfishing vessel unlike anything else is the South Florida waters that are known to have hundreds of Marinas slap full of Hatterasses, Vikings, and Bertrams.  Jeff knew what kind of fishing he wanted to do, and the typer of boat it would take to do it. So he went to Maine and ordered a 46 Wesmac Hull. Yes a Down Easter type of fishing boat with the huge entry and extended cockpit oftem used by Lobster guy in the rough waters of the North Eastern United States.

Check out this mashup video edit that covers the few years of building the boat, launching it, outfitting it with fishing gear and ultimately getting out there and catching a Marline.

Video via The Mullet Run YouTube Channel

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Fishing Reel Oil and Lube - Battle Born

Captain Jeff using the Battle Born Lube on a Fin Nor Sport Fisher

We love it when YouTube viewers send us stuff. Last week we got a package in the mail from a viewer named Steve. He noticed our struggles trying to keep these reels functional after putting them through a a couple severe months of catching huge River Tarpon. Steve sent us the Battle Born lubrication kit to try out. Thats awesome, if you have watched out videos over the years you have seen a few videos where Jeff struggles with the OEM oils that often come when buying a new boxed reel. They don't tend to throw in the oil when you buy a ready made combo, but if you go through combos at the rate we do, you tend to slap new reels on old rods. The Battle Born kit contained one bottle of oil, and a a tube of lube with an excellent delivery system by way of syringe. Check out the video. We will let you know how the Battle Born lubrication system worked as soon as we put this reel back on another 100 big fish.

Video via BDSMobile


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mullet Migration - Tarpon Fishing From The Beach

Tarpon Fishing From The Beach during the Fall Mullet Migration
The fall Mullet Migration is the best time to catch Tarpon from the beach. As the bait travels down the coastline they are chased and corralled close to the shore and often trapped in corners of inlets and jetty. Depending on your beach you can expect the beach to get crowded with other happy baiters trying to catch a Snook or a Tarpon or even doing extreme beach shark fishing. Thats why it is a good idea to fish with a friend. You will often have to wade out in waist deep surf, and with sharks and barracudas mixed in the surf its better to have another person with you. Almost all of the Florida shark attacks happen during the Mullet Run, from Sebastian to the Keys. Once the shark attack reports start popping up regularly in the news, you can bet the bait is in that area. Also its alot easier to land a Tarpon or Shark with an extra set of hands, the last thing you want to do is throw your combo onto the sand to free up your hands. 

Video via BDSMobile

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Handed Cast Net Throw in Slow Motion - Lunkerdog

One Handed Cast Net Throw - Lunkerdog
Its already starting to feel like Summer and its the tail end of April, reports are coming in from Fort Pierce and north that bait is already starting to show up. This would indicate an early start to pre-pod this year and that means one thing, you better get your cast nets ready. They call Pre-pod and the Mullet Migration - Happy Bait, and thats because this is the season that almost anybody can get live bait. Be it, white bait, pilchard or mullet, and one of the best ways to maximize your Happy Bait experience is to throw a Cast Net. There are many different ways to throw a cast net, and there are thousands of videos on YouTube that can show you all different types of methods for throwing a net. With todays technology there is no excuse for not being able to throw a cast net, and even more to the point be able to throw a cast net and get bait without having to out the net in your mouth or get soaking wet by throwing the net over your shoulders. In this video Captain Jeff Maggio aka The Lunkerdog shows you his one-handed Ninja style method of throwing a cast net. Basically you put the whole net in your right hand and chunk it.


Huge Inshore Tarpon Action - Lunkerdog

Ryan Joupi's River Tarpon fishing with Captain Jeff Maggio

March and April were pretty epic for Tarpon fishing in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Ryan Joupi, a well known Snook and Redfish guy from the Treasure Coast, took full advantage of the Spring Tarpon bite by coming down and fishing multiple sessions with his girlfriend. On his first trip he hooked this monster river Tarpon fishing with Captain Jeff Maggio aka The Lunkerdog. River Tarpon fishing is a little different than other places that hold big Tarpon like Boca Grande for several reasons. The biggest reason is that you are targeting these fish inside a canal that is only 30 to 40 feet wide. Other reasons are the depth of the water is as little as 6 feet most of the time, and often much less. THis fish was caught using live mullet on 20lb class (mono) with a 60lb leader (mono). Unlike Boca Grande, South Florida holds big Tarpon 12 months a year. Not always in the same spots, and not always on the same baits. For example, the Miami/Biscayne Bay Tarpon often eat only shrimp and won't touch a mullet. So check out Ryan Joupi's Tarpon.

Captain Jeff Maggio Twitter @Lunkerdog


Video via BDSMobile

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shark Week Sucks! Support Your Local Snook Week

Shark Week is for demented people that want to see human get attacked by sharks. There is nothing worse. No longer an instrument of education, Shark Week now exploits people that have been attacked by sharks, and either lived or died. Forget Shark Week and start supporting Snook Week!