Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Handed Cast Net Throw in Slow Motion - Lunkerdog

One Handed Cast Net Throw - Lunkerdog
Its already starting to feel like Summer and its the tail end of April, reports are coming in from Fort Pierce and north that bait is already starting to show up. This would indicate an early start to pre-pod this year and that means one thing, you better get your cast nets ready. They call Pre-pod and the Mullet Migration - Happy Bait, and thats because this is the season that almost anybody can get live bait. Be it, white bait, pilchard or mullet, and one of the best ways to maximize your Happy Bait experience is to throw a Cast Net. There are many different ways to throw a cast net, and there are thousands of videos on YouTube that can show you all different types of methods for throwing a net. With todays technology there is no excuse for not being able to throw a cast net, and even more to the point be able to throw a cast net and get bait without having to out the net in your mouth or get soaking wet by throwing the net over your shoulders. In this video Captain Jeff Maggio aka The Lunkerdog shows you his one-handed Ninja style method of throwing a cast net. Basically you put the whole net in your right hand and chunk it.


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