Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chicken Vs Mullet - Chicken and the Mullet got the same Gizzard Facts

Since as far back as my memory can take me I was aware of old time fishermen holding onto their beliefs regarding this subject. Who was right, who was wrong, and in the end does it even really matter. Well it does matter, especially in this day and age when the inshore fishing community is divided, families are being torn apart.  Livelihoods destroyed and careers being ruined. Finally we can all take a deep breath and agree on one thing. Contrary to many traditional beliefs, this science is not magic or Sorcery. This is enlightenment. Scientific facts are just that, a set of understood parameters that define a given logic. A baseline, to build a fountain of knowledge that will flow through these rivers, inlets, and canals flooding the once dry and arid landscape into a fertile ground for understanding, reason, and ultimate acceptance into a world knows as happy bait. Run That Dog.


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