Monday, January 12, 2015

Beach Fishing Backpack Video

Chicago Drew shows you his beach fishing backpack. Basic Saltwater inshore backpack with leader material, hooks, weights, a few artificial soft baits, and an offshore Wahoo leader.

When you fish the beach you want to be really mobile, because the bait fish is on the move. This aint a lake. Don't go bringing a bunch of stuff you will never use. There is really no reason Drew to have this Backpack. He could get by just fine with the pack of hooks, and a few yards of leaders. All that fits in a pocket. I mean seriously, come one, what else does he need out there? A few 1 ounce egg sinkers? Still don't need a backpack, just have good pocket management. At least Drew's backpack in run-n-gun. Its tiny and even if he does bring all that useless tackle, its grab and go, and he can stay mobile.

Its the guy that brings his tackle system down to the beach that you point at and laugh. Why would anybody bring more than 2 plugs to Happy Bait? Plug guy usually ends up getting free bait from a cool Happy Baiter that shares. And if you can chunk and get bait, give baits to new happy baiters, you will save yourself the stress of watching them throw their cast nets on the bait sports.

In conclusion, do you really need a fishing backpack? Are you bringing a bunch of fishing tackle that you will never need just to sport your gear?


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