Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunset Tarpon Fishing Action

Sunset Tarpon session with guide Jeff Maggio. I have always liked the afternoon sunset session better than sunrise sessions because I am all about bait. I want select baits and if you fish sunrises, you are trying to get select baits in the dark and you have a small window to capitalize on when the fish are eating. The goes for Tarpon and Snook fishing. I cant be running from the sunrise when I am trying to find bait, but its totally cool to chase the sunset getting bait because you can fish into the evening, when in sunrise sessions you are fishing into the day and its just not the same.

If you have great bait penned up or in a well somewhere than that is different, you can really do alot of great fishing in the mornings at sunset and just before and after, but Im just talking about a random session where you actually have to go out and get bait. That changes everything.

To catch this fish the bait was most likely netted around 3pm, and this fish was caught at sundown around 6pm. I cant easily go out at 3am and get bait for the 6am bite. If you can then God Bless you.

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