Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rejected Fishing Reality Show Pilot Sizzle Reel

Because of the success of the YouTube videos, TV production companies and Cable Networks began contacting us at Better Duck Studios about doing a Reality Fishing Show. Our answer was a stock one, "How do you see the show?" One company told us that they envisioned us fighting through the cut throat charter fishing industry and competing against other charter captains in the area. We were not interested. Another wanted to do more of a process show showing us build and outfit the Zinndog, we already did that, and they weren't coughing up any money for the boat. Basically all the companies are looking for a cheap way to shoot episodes without having to foot the cost for a boat or gas. So I was like, "we already do that, I have boats and cameras. What do I need you for?" This video is the result of one company that flew here from LA and wanted the show to be about Jeff's charter business and all the drama that happens between the crew. Especially between Jeff and the first mate. Its lame, and we never called them back.

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