Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Braid Vs. Mono Debate - Braid Pride Exposed

Braid Vs Mono? Declare yourself fisherman! Just kidding. We are pretty much Mono Guys, but we also sport braid when its legitimate. The one thing we dont do is sport braid when we should be sporting mono.Which is most of the time braid fishing. Tarpon and Snook fishing is hard. Of course a Googan can get lucky and catch a nice fish on a shrimp hook, it happens, but if you are a Reel Guy you are trying to catch trophy fish on a regular basis. You are spending alot of time getting selects baits and you are targeting the hardest species in the sport fishing world. Bottom line, you have to put yourself in the best position to catch these fish, and unless you are dealing with multiple structures like mangroves, the forgiveness in the Mono works to your advantage. It might be cool to sport a fast action rod and a designer reel slap full of braid, and there are certainly guys producing big fish with those setups, but thats advanced angling. Are you really at that level? Are you producing big big, or are you all combo and no bucket?

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